Jean lives and works in Baltimore, MD.

She received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Drawing and Painting and an MFA in Studio Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


I am deeply influenced by my upbringing in Dutch Harbor and Wasilla, Alaska.  I use collected visual and written fragments to address my nostalgia of a disappearing landscape.

I create installations through the juxtapositions of drawings, writings and images. I create objects with my hands and I write almost everyday.  I place remnants of writing and images within varying contextual frames from page to place testing the bounds of where words can settle or slip off the objects they try to describe. The words are viewed as objects and the objects are viewed as words. These juxtapositions isolate my vocabulary within the space, unveiling my own language of extended metaphors.  Being mindful of the shape, sound and metaphors words connote, I experiment with methods of repetition, and rhyme and tone to alter the way in which a viewer tries to read their situation. My objects play with weight and appearances revealing visual and physical subtleties. These objects are placed carefully within an installation where the frame of the space, paper and even the edges of the work itself are considered.  The installations resemble constellations that can be viewed from all angles, where forms simultaneously begin to articulate themselves and get lost within their environment.